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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 21, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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gave it to everyone. >> the 16-year-old was a promising musician. this video shows how his music was his life. he saw his songs as a way to change the world. his uncle knew his nephew had musical talent beyond his age. >> he went straight for your soul. >> the music stops on tuesday on these train tracks. donye was on his way home wearing headphones and listening to music when a passenger train clipped him, killing him. >> the conductor, please, please, whoever was driving that train, i want you to know i do not blame you and i'm so sorry you have to live with the thought of hitting my son. i know it wasn't your fault. >> donye's friends, classmates even his teachers came out to pay respects. >> he was just always giving and always willing to help and always pasht. when everything seemed a little
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crazy, donye always had a balance to him. >> his family and friends believed donye was on the brink of stardom. his passion and life expressed in his music. but the pain, the loss, are still very fresh. >> i just miss him. >> now, donye believed in socially conscious lyrics in a video he said quote music can change the world. all you need is the right song. we're live in san jose tonight, george kityama, nbc b area news. >> thank you, george. new details tonight of the pre-schoolteacher accused of trying to drug toddlers. she's facing up to two years in prison if convicted. today, she was charged with 10 misdemeanors of child endangerment and assault. detectives say the co-worker spotted her dropping an
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over-the-counter sleep medicine into sippy cups. >> two heavyweights in oakland politics are denying some serious accusations tonight. long time council members are accused of misconduct. were they caught red handed or is this a case of dirty politics. cheryl, how did the council members respond? >> reporter: well, the council -- both council members are denying the allegations. but they say it's important to note that these allegations are inside this report. no charges have been filed. now, this report is now with the district attorney's office. but, the allegations are serious. >> there is no justifiable reason to break the law. >> courtney ruby says they've been breaking the law by directing staff to push a $2 million demolition contract at the oakland army base toward turner group construction.
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>> the hotline that we operate, we've received tips that individuals are concerned of council member interference. >> the report claims of 14 instances of interference. council member brooks violated the charter 12 times. reid, one time. the report says there was one other violation by one of his staff members. >> i don't blame city staff. >> council member reid says the report findings are absolutely crazy. he says if he's guilty of anything, it's making sure the business playing field is level. >> so oakland businesses have an opportunity to bid on contracts when the city put him out for bid. but, in this case, they didn't put it out for bid. they brought it to the rules committee. >> council member brooks responded to me by attacks. she says she didn't get an advanced copy of the report, but based on what she's heard, she denies the allegations. reid says he's troubled and wonders if the audit is politically motivated. >> i should have just voted on
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it. i didn't open my mouth and speak out on it. now i'm bearing the brunt of the city auditor's report. >> this is clearly coercing and influencing the contracting process. >> i talked with the mayor's aide tonight and he says she is reserving comment until she hears from the district attorney. meanwhile, larry reid says he's consulting an attorney. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl herd, nbc bay area. >> we have new information tonight about the man who killed a chp officer during the rush hour commute in the east bay. a report today was released saying that christopher lacey had suffered a mental break down back in college. he shot and killed the officer during a traffic stop in september of 2012 before being shot and killed himself. investigators now say lacey was diagnosed of bipolar disease years earlier.
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in 2006, he was pulled over on suspicion of d.u.i. and refused to give any answers but give the officer a bill of rights card. a year before the shooting, he started distancing himself from family and friends. there was no other indication that lacey was going to kill anyone. although it can develop a better picture of lacey, in the end, we will never know exactly why he killed the officer. >> new at 11:00, does this man look familiar? livermore police say he robbed the bank. he walked in, demanded money from the teller and then took off. the robber indicated he had a gun. but no one ever saw a weapon. witnesses say he had reddish-brown side burns with a light mustache and a goatee. if you have any information, you are urged to call livermore police. the search continues tonight but still no sign of a well-known bay area baseball coach. he's wanted on child molestation
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charges. kaufman is accused of molesting a teenage boy and secretly filming another boy in a bathd room. today, investigators told us he drugged another one of his victims. he has run baseball programs for years incluls palo alto and san jose. he owns a popular batting cage facility in san leandro. >> there's usually kids working there. they have kids working there, also. teenagers. i've been in there -- they have young high school kids working in there. >> it's just a shock to me. i mean, it's insane. >> no sign of kaufman. his home has been empty. >> san jose has a legal attempt to prevent the oakland as from moving south. the state files a report saying the city illegally obtained the land. the redevelopment agency
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appropriately dissolved $120 million in assets. that included several parts of the brand new hp which is where the as are trying to build their new stadium. the mayor says he's disappointed, but they'll continue to work to bring the as to san jose. lou wolf stressed that san jose is still the team's best option for the team's new home. san francisco giants are fighting the move claiming territorial rights, which means wolf would need to convince 75% of major league baseball team owners to support the team moving to san jose. >> a lot of screaming and cheering tonight in san jose. march madness kicked off in a big way. not just for the thousands of fans in hp pavilion, but for the cal basketball team. the golden bears kick off a big upset. >> best night ever. >> that about sums it up. take a look. all of the blue and gold inside the arena.
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the game came down in the final seconds. and in the end, 12th seeded cal beats fifth seed unlv. >> so glad we were able to be in the tournament. the last two minutes, which were the most excruciating minutes ever. >> top team, though. >> we'll take it. >> cal advances to the second round on saturday. round one is over, now comes the real hard part, round two. . >> reporter: yeah, the fans are happy. a lot of good fist pumping in san jose. yeah, the magic has arrived. they got to play a team they almost beat earlier this season. and they got to do it 45 miles from campus. here's the highlights of that one. second half, allen crab missing. no big deal. his buddy, robert thurman following with a dunk. unlv had a chance. down three, under two seconds left. a full-court pass, intercepted. cal.
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cinderella, perhaps, 64-61. >> well, we're thrilled. obviously. i think that kids really had a proper attitude coming into this. i think that probably playing him the first time did help us mentally. >> every senior doesn't want the season to end. i don't think a lot of guys from the team want our season to end today. we played like it and we got the win. >> so we've got celebrating in berkley. unfortunately, not the same in muraga. st. mary's is losing a heartbreaker by two. >> back to nature. the changes yosemite wants to make that could alter your experience in the park. >> she fell asleep on a train and then someone snatched her dog. up next, why this dog is more than just a companion and the move she's making to get it back. also. >> a bay area boy makes a
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personal plea to a supreme court justice on youtube. tonight, in an exclusive interview, he outlines his fight for equality.
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our main goal is we have to always be monoest with each other. >> like most families, the family has house rules. >> well, we have the worker over here. and then we have the kids. he -- can i take this? that's going once? and -- >> thanks a lot. >> the only difference is two dads are running the house and the two kids, daniel and selena are adocumented. >> my mom always told me that i was unadoptable because of my medical condition. and then these guys, when my dads adopted me, i realized everything she said was a complete lie. >> committed to each other, this famtly is looking to the u.s. supreme court to decide the legality of their union.
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next week, it will consider california's ban on same-sex marriage prop 8. daniel learned chief justice john roberts has two adopted kids and decided to send him a letter, sharing it on youtube before sending it off. >> when he reads the letter, i want him to please ask. >> next week's supreme court hearing will be emotional. >> well, it's never a good feeling to have your future in somebody else's hands. but we're nervous, you know. but we understand it's on an uncertain outcome, but we're also very hopeful. >> whatever the court decides, they'll get through it together. we'll be watching for updates on the supreme court hearing next week. the city attorney's office will be there fighting for them. reporting live in san francisco,
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nbc bay area news. >> the lesbian couple in the center of the prop 8 case also spoke out today. crisper ri and sandy spear have been faces for the fight. the two berkley mothers say they're going into tuesday's supreme court hearing confident. more than 130 elected officials have voted overturning prop 8 and 61% of california voters support same-sex marriage. >> beyond the parents getting married and their children benefitting, there are children growing up today that need to know they have equal opportunity. >> prop 8 supporters, including the national organization for marriage, say it's that shift in public opinion that proves this should not be handled in kourlt. over the phone, board chairman john eastman told nbc bay area quote we should leave prop 8 and doma in place and leave this to the political process. if people change their minds, we can implement through that
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mechanism. >> she says someone stole her dog. she and her service dog, r-2 were riding home after an spca event. the pomeranian was right in a carrier next to her. she dozed off. when she woke up, archie and his carrier were gone. archie is designed to help people cope with anxiety. >> i'll give reward money. anything. i'm desperate. >> lanahan spent the day putting up posters and searching for archie. well, going horseback riding in yosemite may soon be a thing of the past. they want to help restore the area's natural setting and protect the river. also on the chopping block, the ice rink and the swimming pool at the yosemite lodge. the stone bridge and the art
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activity center is popular with families. tonight's public meeting with san francisco was mixed. >> what's next? we got rid of all of this, now let's tear down the hotels? >> they did a tremendous amount of really good work. >> now, the proposed changes come after decades of back and forth lawsuits between environmentalists and the park. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist. we have a lot of out-of-town people here at the hp pavilion. gosh, this weather is beautiful. >> it's a repeat performance tomorrow. maybe a slam dunk if you're enjoying some of that basketball. also, very blustery at 5-15 miles per hour. it's a little bit colder outside with air temperatures in the 40s.
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46 currently in nappa and outside of san jose. you can see in san jose, we'll have some haze here downtown. that's where the air will be the most stagnant the next couple of days with that air quality slowly starting to decrease. you can see the camera lens shaking around. they're blustering near the coastline right up to the north bay tomorrow. in fact, the national weather service has issued a wind advisory that is in effect from 2:00 p.m. on friday up to the north bay hills. so, again, anyone up here to the north bay doing any sort of commuting for tomorrow morning will need to be concerned about these winds. what we're going to see happen tomorrow morning is generally at the coast and to the north bay. and then as we advance this, right into the early afternoon, you'll start to see these winds really popping up here. some of these colors and the magentas with winds that could top out at 40 miles per hour. so here's some of the impacts we
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may find. airport delays and pollen and rough seas and small craft advisory in effect at the coastline. so, again, the coastline in the north bay, that's where we're going to find that wind the most disruptive for tomorrow. as far as the morning forecast goes, 38 in santa rosa, 43 in fremont, and 40s across the peninsula. daytime highs on friday are not going to disappoint. down in the south bay, a lot of sunshine throughout the afternoon. just a little bit warmer than what we had today. if you liked what we had today, tomorrow is going to be awesome for you. 70 in san jose. 69 in santa cruz. it also looks good here back in the east bay. 71 in livermore and 68 in pleasantton. 71 expected in santa rosa. headed up to lake tahoe, mid to upper 40s. alpine meadows on our toyota tahoe report.
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we keep with that sunny weather all the way through this weekend with plenty of sunshine. don't forget that spf 30 and greater is best. not a big storm system, maybe about a quarter to a half inch. we'll keep an eye on all of that for you and you can just sit back and enjoy the forecast. >> and that's what we'll do. sit back and enjoy the forecast. >> back in a moment. >> thank yous.
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mplts an alameda county judge accused of stealing over a million from an elderly neighbor has resigned. he allegedly is accused of stealing $1.6 million. he befriended the woman and began handling her finances after her husband died back in 1999. his attorney says resigning is what's best for the good of the court. >> 50 years ago today, the last president left alcatraz island.
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from al capone to the birdman. the 15th anniversary of the prison's closure. former guards and residents who once lived on the island came back. march 21st, 1963 marked the end of the island's nearly 30 year run as a prison. the crumbling walls still draw half a million visitor as year and it is impressive to go back to the rock. >> sure is. we're back in a moment with a lot more sports. stay with us.
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okay, jessica might win the bracket between all three of us. >> yes, because i really know a lot about basketball. tons. >> you know, there are like 8 million brackets on espn. only about 1,000 are perfect up to this point. if you're not perfect, don't feel bad. none of us are. three double seeds are moving on. that includes the cal bears. check out the high lightings of
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their big win against unlv at hp pavilion. allen crab missing robert thurman there. cal, the biggest lead at nine. here's unlv. anthony bennett puts back the miss and fouls. after free-throws, unlv down three with under two seconds left. the full-court pass intercepted. cal holding on, 64-61 the final. >> 12-5, i don't -- you know, that's great. that will make for good conversation. but, really, it's two basketball teams and a game we had to play well to win. we knew we had to and i thought we did. >> all of the back praise we were getting before, maybe it wasn't true. god was playing with us. i just wish the best of luck to all of them. >> 11-seed st. mary's taking on memphis. five seconds left. petrulas banking in the three.
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gails down two but they needed the ball back. memphis turns it over on the inbound pass. they got the miracle. down two with 1.9 seconds left. usually a good idea, but not there, though. the air ball. st. mary's come back falling just short. the gails lose 54-52. >> couldn't be more proud of a team. they put everything they had into that game. played a good memphis team. we thought it would be a dog fight and it was. so that's all you can do. we didn't shoot the ball great. some of it has to do with their defense, but i couldn't be more proud of a team. >> an emotional locker room there. some baseball news here, not pretty for the giants tonight in spring training, losing 10-4 to the rockies. matt cane got the start, but he did pick up eight strikeouts. roj and jessica, i hear he has a perfect bracket. but that would certainly make him feel a lot better. >> san diego state and miami. we're going big tomorrow. >> yes, we are. >> thanks.
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i'm marking it down. >> we'll be right back.
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it's a girl. that's what the san francisco zoo found out during a routine exam. look how cute they are. she was born to leanne and larry on february 10th. her birthday is especially important because tumatru tigers are a critically endangered species. you can get a first look at the baby cub in person soon. look how beautiful that picture is. >> ohhhh, it is a cute picture. >> beautiful. >> really quick, tomorrow morning, friday morning, beginning of our weekend, what are we looking at? >> we'll see temperatures near 70 inland. and then saturday and sunday with more 70s and 60s at the coastline. it's also windy on your friday, as well. as you head to wednesday and
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thursday of next week, we'll see showers back into the chances of the mix. >> happy friday, almost. >> yeah, in just a few minutes, it will be happy friday. bye, bye. [ male announcer ] subway introduces the new $3 six-inch select!
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- for "g.i. joe: retaliation," dwayne "the rock" johnson. from the los angeles clippers, chris paul. the music of atlas genius, and we play "meal or nmeal." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by
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nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! thank you very much. welcome to "the tonight show." nice to have you all here. you all excited about march madness? you into march madness? [ cheers and applause ] people talk about who's in, who's out, who's going to be eliminated. and that's just here at nbc. that's not even -- [ laughter ] [ rim shot ] [ applause ] i have never been in the paper this much. it's fantastic. hey, here's a great story. former wwe superstar wrestler
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chris "the masterpiece" masters -- here's his picture right here. here's his picture. look at that. being called a hero after he saved his mother from burning to death by uprooting a tree with his bare hands, using it as a battering ram to enter her house. see, you never hear about the good things steroids do. it's always the bad things. [ laughter ] you see? you see? [ applause ] and the door was unlocked. he didn't really need the tree. [ laughter ] well, here's a big controversy with the history channel mini-series "the bible." well it seems the actor playing satan bears an uncanny resemblance to president obama. [ light laughter ] you know, this isn't the first time the president's portrayed as the devil. fox news does it every single day. [ laughter ] this is not new. this is not new. [ applause ] congresswoman michelle "nutball" bachmann back in the news. >> rickey: ah, come on. >> jay: she has attacked what


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